There’s been a lot of really great things happening lately – photo shoots, exciting new design projects, beautiful new pieces in the showroom, and much activity around our range of custom upholstery.  Realising I’ve been neglectful of my blog duties, I decided to dedicate this latest post to the Instagram snapshots taken over the past few days, as we’ve been getting new stock onto the floor and rearranging the showroom.  Like all work, this job does have its challenges, but every now and then we have these wonderful, fun experiences in which we are able to play with and enjoy our beautiful wares, moving things around and never knowing quite how it’s all going to turn out.  In the greater scheme of things it might seem really small, but it’s sometimes the small things that make the difference in life.  At these times I’m reminded why Eduardo and I do what we do.  Hope to see you soon!