One of the most unforgettable cinematic experiences I’ve had in recent years was going to see I Am Love (Sono Amore), an Italian film starring Tilda Swinton.  Set in early 1990’s Milan, I Am Love is the story of a haute bourgeois Lombardian family of which Swinton, a Russian émigré – dressed head to toe in Jill Sander – is matriach.  It is a visually beautiful, intellectual and highly emotional film in which the viewer is carried away to another world and then torn in different directions.. I won’t go into too much detail for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  Apart from Swinton’s incredible performance, and that brief glimpse into Milanese society, one the most sophisticated in the world, what I found most memorable were the interiors.  Shot within Milan’s Villa Necci Campiglio, a grand villa built in the typical fascist style of the early 1930’s, the story unfolds in some of the most elegant and beautiful interiors I can remember.  Enjoy!